Massachusetts Knife Laws: Everything You Need To Know

Knife laws in the different states can be a little confusing, especially because the law always has different rules regarding knife ownership, carrying, merchandising and manufacturing, and all of these rules tend to be crammed into just one tiny, measly paragraph.

Massachusetts Knife Laws: Everything You Need To Know

It can be really difficult to follow, and, therefore, it can be easy to slip up and make a knife faux pas in the eyes of the law.

Thankfully for you, we have written this simple guide to teach you about the knife laws of Massachusetts. Read on for more!

What Does The Massachusetts Law Say About Knives?

The following is an overview of what the Massachusetts knife laws say. The first thing that you need to know is that there are no specific knife laws in Massachusetts.

Instead, the state only has general knife laws.

This means that if you own a knife, carry a knife or even sell knives in Massachusetts, then you will not run afoul of any knife laws.

However, if you do something illegal with your knife, then you could face criminal charges.

What Knives Can Be Legally Owned In Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, you are allowed to legally own pretty much anything.

This includes knives that are a little more controversial, and are banned in other states, such as automatic knives, butterfly knives, daggers, dirks, Bowie knives, brass knuckle knives, and disguised knives (such as cane or lipstick knives).

What Knives Can Be Legally Carried In Massachusetts?

You can legally carry any small knife in Massachusetts. This includes pocket knives, folding knives, fixed-blade knives, Swiss army knives, and kitchen knives.

However, law enforcement does have the power to consider knives to be illegal if you are misusing them, or believe they may misuse them in the future.

What Knives Are Illegal To Carry In Massachusetts?

There are some types of knives that are illegal to carry in Massachusetts. These include switchblades, gravity knives, bayonets, double edged knives, and blackjacks.

So – follow our advice, and don’t carry a knife with a blade longer than 1.5 inches.

If you are caught carrying any of these knives, you will most likely face criminal charges.

Limitations On Automatic Knives In Massachusetts?

While you can legally own automatic knives (which have an automatic, spring loaded mechanism) in Massachusetts, you cannot use them in public places without a permit.

There are also limitations on how many automatic knives you can own at once. In order to get a permit, you must show proof that you are able to safely handle the weapon.

Knuckle Knives Are Illegal In Massachusetts

It’s important to note that knuckle knives are illegal in Massachusetts. These knives are essentially a set of metallic knuckles.

You also cannot own knuckle knives made out of any other material than metal.

There are a few WW1 trench knives, or push knives, which can be deemed illegal on these grounds, as they have metal knuckles as part of the structure.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while you can legally own almost any type of knife in Massachusetts, you should still exercise caution when using any knife.

Always keep your knife secure, and never leave it unattended.

Also, try to avoid carrying a knife that has a blade length greater than 1.5 inches, unless you are specifically authorized by the police to carry one.

Finally, always remember that you are responsible for your actions, and that you can be held accountable for breaking any knife laws.

Tom Bower