Ken Onion Work Sharp Review

Any knife enthusiast will know just how important a good quality knife sharpener is.

Without one, your knife will eventually become blunt, which can actually be more dangerous than a sharp knife because you have to use more force to get it to cut. This means you could easily slip!

The award winning Ken Onion Work Sharp edition knife sharpener is one of the best sharpeners on the market.

In this short review we will tell you a bit more about the product features and what makes it so good.

What Is The Ken Onion Work Sharp Knife Sharpener?


The Ken Onion Work Sharp knife sharpener is an electric sharpener with variable speeds that will easily sharpen everything from kitchen knives to axes and tools.

When you buy the product, it comes with five abrasive belts and a handy guide to show you how to use it.

Angle Adjustment

The sharpener comes with an angle adjustment knob that ranges between 15 and 30 degrees.

This means you can change the angle that the knife is sharpened at depending on what each specific knife requires.

These settings ensure that your knife will be sharpened at the same angle every single time, and it’s super quick and easy to do.

Ken Onion Work Sharp Review

Abrasive Belts

Included in the box are five different flexible abrasive belts to provide a long-lasting, strong edge on your knives or tools.

Which belt you use depends on the type of blade you want to sharpen, as the belts range from extra-coarse to extra-fine.

Tool Sharpening

The sharpener also sharpens tools using its high speed setting.

For this, you must remove the angle guide, rotate the front edge guide, rotate the cassette into place for grinding tools and finally bring the sharpener to the tool.

Don’t worry if this sounds complicated as it’s all in the guidebook that comes with the box!


This knife sharpener is incredibly easy to use and is portable, small and super fast at doing its job.

Even if you’re in a small apartment that doesn’t have much room or storage, it’s a product that could very easily fit in a drawer, so you can store it away until the next time you need it.


Compared to other knife sharpeners, this Ken Onion Work Sharp one is a bit more expensive.

But, having said this, it produces some of the best results seen from a home knife sharpener, making your knives look as neat and sharp as if they’d just come out of the factory.

Added to this, it’s also extremely versatile considering it sharpens tools as well.

About The Brand

Work Sharp is a 4th generation, family-owned company based in the USA in Ashland, Oregon. They’ve been making premium sharpening tools for more than 40 years now.

This particular knife sharpener was designed by Work Sharp with the help of the well-known knife-maker Ken Onion. 

This product is available to buy on Amazon.
Tom Bower