Is D2 Steel Good For Knives? [Everything You Need To Know]

When it comes to finding the best steel for your kitchen knives, things can become tricky because there are so many different types of steel to choose from!

So, it’s important that you do your research because you don’t want to end up using the wrong type of steel for the wrong forms of cooking and potentially end up damaging your new knives.

Is D2 Steel Good For Knives

However, not everyone has all the time in the world to research every type of steel out there and work out which one it’s best for – but that’s where we come in.

We have researched lots of different types of steel and worked out what they work best for.

Here, we are going to be looking at D2 Steel, its composition and if it is a good type of steel to use for knives.

So, let’s jump in and check out all the details about D2 Steel!

What Is D2 Steel?

D2 steel (or Deoxidized) is an air hardening, non powder steel that is a high carbon steel that is very common and easy to find in a lot of knives, ranging from custom-made to industry knives.

This is because it has a lot of benefits and great traits that make it ideal to be used in a lot of different knives.

However, it is not a stainless steel as it is made up of high amounts of chromium as well. Combined with high amounts of carbon, this makes D2 a very advantageous type of steel to use.

Plus, it is reportedly very affordable to make, which is part of the many reasons why this type of steel is so commonly used to make blades and knives.

D2 Steel Chemical Composition

The composition of D2 steel is extremely versatile as it contains high amounts of carbon and chromium.

It specifically is 1.5% carbon and 12% chromium, which both work together to give D2 a lot of beneficial traits and features that make it so valued and widely used.

Not only that, but D2 steel is also made using vanadium, molybdenum, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur.

These minor elements help secure the steel and make it usable, but its main elements of carbon and chromium are the most important ones found in D2 steel’s composition.

D2 Steel Traits And Features

To find out which steel is best for your knives, then there are a lot of different traits you should look for in each steel.

Here, we are going to cover the most important ones that D2 steel features so you can see what its properties are and how useful it will be to you.

Is D2 Steel Good For Knives


On the scale of Rockwell hardness, D2 steel is measured to be between 55-62 HRC. This means that on the larger scale of steels, D2 steel is an all-rounder.

It’s pretty tough and hard to cut a lot of ingredients and materials, but not tough enough to cut through harder materials like bone.

However, this toughness makes it great at retaining its edges sharpness. This means that you have to spend less time sharpening this knives’ blade.


A general rule is that the harder the steel, the harder it is to sharpen.

While this can be a plus because it also means that you have to sharpen your knives’ edge less often, it does mean that it is more difficult to get the blade sharp in the first place.

Softer steels are easier to sharpen into a very fine edge, although it loses that edge more often. Harder steels like D2 steel are harder to sharpen into a sharp edge, but it retains that sharpness for longer.

Rust Resistance

The other benefit of using D2 steel is that it is corrosion resistant.

This means that knives made using D2 steel are less likely to rust over time and make it very durable. Therefore, you will get more for your money and spend less on replacing your knives.

Wear Resistance

The hardness of D2 steel also means that the wear resistance of D2 steel is also very good. This makes it a great choice for a lot of pre-purchased blades because of all its positive qualities for such an affordable type of steel.

It’s very durable and long-lasting, thanks to its many abrasive-resistant properties. If you’re looking for a type of steel that is going to give you a lot of bang for your buck, then D2 steel might just be what you need.

Is D2 Steel A Good Steel To Use For Knives?

Yes, D2 steel is a great choice for knives. It is a versatile material that works well for many different types of kitchen tasks.

However, it isn’t suitable for everything. For example, if you are planning on using your knife for chopping wood or bone, then you should probably look elsewhere.

This is because while D2 steel is a sturdy type of steel, it is not durable and hard enough to chop through such hard materials.

It’s also fairly difficult to sharpen due to its hardness, but this also means that it retains its edge for far longer than other sharp but soft steels.

Despite this, D2 steel is a great option when it comes to knives because of its durable qualities like its resistance to wear, resistance to corrosion, and overall hardness.

One of the many reasons why D2 steel is so widely used is because not only are there many benefits to it, but it’s also super affordable.

It is reportedly very cheap to make and which is why a lot of knives can be pre-purchased using this steel for the blade.

So, choosing D2 steel for your knives means that you can drive down the overall cost of making or purchasing it and save yourself a lot of money on a more expensive steel that has all the same great qualities.

Because of D2 steel’s highly durable properties, like its wear resistance and rust resistance, it also makes it a great type of steel to use for knives.

This is because not only can it endure many years of frequent use, but it also means that it helps you get more use out of one single purchase.

A set of knives made from D2 steel is bound to last you many years, making it a great choice of steel to use when making knives.

However, some other steels may be more suited to the job you have in mind for your knives.

A steel like 440C is a better choice when it comes to sharpness, but it is also notorious for losing its edge and needs frequent care to keep it in its best condition.

Other steels like S30V and 1095 are much tougher but perhaps aren’t as tough or easy to keep sharp as D2 steel is, while some steels like VG10 are much more resistant to corrosion and are sure to last you an even longer time.

Basically, before you pick up some D2 steel knives, think carefully about the kind of knife you are going to use and decide if D2 is really the best kind of steel for that kind of knife and the type of work it will be used for.


D2 steel is one of the most popular types of steel used for knives today. This is mainly due to its affordability and versatility. It’s pretty hard and retains its sharpness very well, although sharpening this kind of blade would take a while.

While it may not be as strong as some higher end steels, it still offers a lot of value for the price because it is so durable and likely to last you for years and years as long as you take good care of your blades.

So, if you want a knife that is going to last for years, then D2 steel is definitely worth considering.

Tom Bower