Forged In Fire Knives Review – Are They Worth It?

The popular History Channel show, Forged In Fire, features contestants from all over the United States coming together to compete for a $10,000 cash prize. 

Filmed on fire proof sound stages in Brooklyn, the contestants are given several forging tasks by presenter (and former US Army Ranger) Will Willis, usually focused around creating a specific weapon from world history, incorporating items of scrap wood, metal, and other materials found around the studio forge. 

The weapons are then put to the test by a series of judges, including Hollywood prop maker David Baker, and edged weapon specialist Doug Marcaida. 

With the popularity of the show, the rise of home forging, and an increase in interest for well-made, hand-crafted goods, the company released their own range of home and cookware, where fans of the show, and cooking enthusiasts can purchase top of the range goods for affordable prices. 

Here is our review for the top five knives sold by the History Channel/Forged in Fire brand!

Forged In Fire Knives Review


Released in January of 2020, this four-set of high quality steak knives are not only available at an affordable price, but also guaranteed to be some of the sharpest and most efficient knives on the market - with a retailer guarantee that they will “cut smoothly through even the thickest ribeye”. 

Created with the mantra that, in cooking, a sharper knife is a safer knife, these blades are hand-sharpened immediately after forging, boasting one of the toughest knives you will ever use, incorporating hammered surgical stainless steel, promoting longevity and strength. 

Supported by a wealth of high tier customer reviews, it seems the Forged in Fire steak knives really do live up to the hype. 

Several reviewers commented on the quality to price ratio, which was frequently described as excellent, as well as the usability and sharpness, with another customer joking that the knife not only cuts through steak like butter, but also his own finger when he tried to open a bag with it.


  • Durability. The takeaway from the customer reviews has been how well-made and long living the knives are, and how the quality really shines through when it comes to usability, safety, and frequent, repeated use. 
  • Value for money. We were thrilled with just how high quality the knives were when compared to the extremely affordable price. 
  • Sharpness. One thing that the show focuses on is making knives and implements that are fit for their purpose, and these knives are no different, with many users claiming long lasting sharpness, even after extended periods of time. 


  • The handles are neither long enough (dependent on the user, of course), and of a poorer quality when compared to other products released under the Forged in Fire brand. However, as one of the cheapest items they sell, this may go some way to explain any reductions in quality. 


Next on our list is the two piece set of chef and paring knives. 

With the paring knife used for coring, peeling, and de-seeding fruit and vegetables, and the chef knife focusing mainly on slicing vegetables and deboning and portioning meat, these two knives serve important and versatile purposes within the food preparation industry, and as such, usability, safety, and durability are of high importance. 

Engineered to be well balanced, strong and reliable, these knives incorporate the same hammered, surgical stainless steel to promote sharpness and durability over extended periods of use. 

These knives certainly seem to live up to that claim, with the majority of the customer reviews (73% with five stars) reporting that these knives definitely live up to the show's impromptu catchphrase (provided by judge Doug Marciada) “this blade will cut”. 

Many customers made reference to the over-the-top, somewhat sensationalist advertisements on television, which claimed that they are the best and sharpest knives on the market, but many of them also said that, when relenting to try the knives for themselves, the claims turned out to actually be true.


  • Value for money. One thing that stood out was how good they were for the affordable price, with many customers agreeing with us that they were the best knives on the market in their price range. 
  • Effectiveness. Many reviewers stated that these products not only improved their time in the kitchen, but also streamlined the food preparation process, due to their sharpness and overall balance. 
  • Sharpness. What we liked about these knives was the ease at which the knives were able to cut through tough or thick pieces of meat - promoting safety and speediness in the kitchen. 


  • The quality of the handles often didn’t live up to the standards promised through the advertisements. Many customers stated that the handles either cracked or separated after very little use. 
  • Another thing that seems apparent is an inconsistency in the sharpening process, with some customers claiming that they are the sharpest knives they have ever used, with a portion of others stating the knives were either dull on arrival, or dulled after very little use. 


With over 83% five star reviews, it is clear that this product definitely means business. Forged using hammered, surgical stainless steel, this cleaver is claimed to be top-tier, high quality, and affordable. 

With a weight of 12.5 ounces, and with the ability to break through bones and meat with ease, this product certainly boasts the best reviews of the range, with many customers claiming that this cleaver has not only excelled as a kitchen implement, but that it has also become an essential part of their food preparation process. 

Forged in Fire products seem to constantly deliver high performance for their meger price tags, and despite a small percentage of critical reviews, this product seems to be the shining example of what the company can produce. 

Many customers praised the full tang of the cleaver, making it easier to control, better weighted, and more balanced overall, helping to promote safety in the kitchen, be it in a professional or private capacity.

Whilst some cleavers can be heavier on the tip, the balanced design of the Forged in Fire model promotes comfort and usability during the food preparation process. 

The cleaver also boasts lasting sharpness, something that is attested to in the reviews, with many customers claiming that the product not only arrived sharp, but maintained its sharpness despite frequent use. 


  • Control. One thing that really jumped out was the level of balance and control the cleaver provided during use. Many stated that the usual setbacks of such a weighty implement were solved due to the design of this product. 
  • Value for money. A recurring factor with Forged in Fire products has been the value for money, offering high quality knives when compared to the affordable price tag. Many customers claimed that, despite knowing these knives perhaps wouldn’t last forever, they were surprised at just how efficient and well made they were for the money. 
  • Sharpness. It seems that something Forged in Fire can certainly boast is the sharpness of their products. This one seems more consistent than the last, with a favourable proportion of customers gushing about the sharpness of the cleaver and its effectiveness during food preparation.


  • Some customers once again made mention of the poor quality of the handle, specifically the finish of the cleaver handle, which apparently faded after washing. 
  • However, to the credit of the company, they state in their literature that dishwashing is not suitable for these knives, so this can be easily avoided by handwashing the implements at a lower temperature, and making sure they are dried immediately afterwards.


To once again quote Doug Marcaida, these blades will cut!

A recurring theme of this review has been sharpness, and despite some minor inconsistencies, it seems that is something Forged in Fire can really deliver on.

One customer claimed that this particular knife allowed her to slice brisket down to the thickness of sandwich meat with absolute ease.  

Composed of the same hammered, surgical stainless steel, the carving knife is durable, well-balanced and sharp, and the fork is well made and sturdy, promoting effectiveness and safety in the kitchen. 

Whilst some forks especially can weaken and break off at the points, this product boasts strength and longevity above all else, ensuring that the points remain intact, and no one gets a nasty surprise in their meal. 


  • Sharpness. Customers couldn’t get over just how sharp these blades were, and they were thrilled with just how long they maintained their sharpness despite frequent use. 
  • Value for money. Despite being the cheapest knife sold by Forged In Fire on, this knife is, by all accounts, exceptional quality for the money. 
  • Weight. Many customers stated that this knife was weighted well, which increased effectiveness. 
  • Stury. The fork was reported as being sturdy, efficient, and safe to use. 


  • One thing that has cropped up occasionally during my compiling of this review, has been infrequent but present reports of rust and tarnishing. Of course, this could be down to simple inconsistencies in the production process, especially seeing as it is not a commonly reported problem, but worth mentioning nonetheless. 


With a hammered surgical stainless steel blade, and a handle made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (a thermoplastic polymer) to promote impact and shatter resistance, this knife set boasts a premium design for a moderate, affordable price. 

With a longer handle, half-serrated blade, and dishwasher-safe status, these knives feel like the next phase of the evolutionary process, taking the issues with the original steak knife set and improving it tenfold. 

With a larger body more suited to slicing, and a promise that even the toughest, thickest cut of meat will pose no match to this knife’s sharpness, this product really feels like the finished article.

And the attractive form of the knife, curving up at the end to promote comfort during use makes this one of the best knives in this price bracket, be it for private or commercial use. 


  • Durable. This knife has been praised for its durability, strength, and composition, particularly the handle finish, which has been changed to become dishwasher safe and free from tarnishing. The company claims these knives are “engineered to be tough”, and it seems they continue to deliver on this. 
  • Sharpness. Seemingly a trademark of the company, these knives promise untold sharpness, and deliver it time and time again, maintaining their edge despite frequent uses. 
  • Value for money. I’m repeating myself, but these knives are continuously praised for their value for money. Their overall makeup, combined with the low price tag, makes these the perfect choice for anyone on a budget, or for a casual cook looking for a trusty tool that won’t break the bank. 


  • One thing worth mentioning is that, with this product in particular, there is limited availability for purchase. When purchasing products, it is best to go through the proper channels, avoiding third party sellers offering sub-par equivalents under false branding. 


Forged In Fire Knives Review - Are They Worth It?

And there we have it, the top five products inspired, produced and released by the History Channel/Forged in Fire (and manufactured by Halex Holdings LLC).

From the reviews above, there are many things we can take away. 

Firstly, all of the knives sold under the Forged in Fire name come at an affordable price, offering people relatively high quality for a fraction of the price of competitors.

Secondly though, it is worth saying that there do seem to be inconsistencies in the quality control department - and whilst these could be chalked up to the specific needs and opinions of consumers, several things are worth bearing in mind.

Recurring complaints of tarnishing metal on the blades, fading of the handle, and inconsistent sharpness of the blades sold (with some being razor sharp, and others arriving dulled) certainly add a degree of risk to the purchase.

Despite this, customer reviews do seem to be above average, with a comfortable majority offering four to five stars for all of the mentioned products, praising the sharpness, durability, and overall production quality for the low price tag.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal needs, and what works best for you, the consumer. 

But if you want good quality without high-end prices, this may be for you!

Tom Bower