About Us

Who doesn’t love a good knife in their hand? There are some people who understand the importance of a good knife, and others that just don’t. I am definitely one of the people who gets it, and if you’re on my website, then I bet that you are too. 

Hi, my name is Tom Bower and I have had a passion for knives since I was in my early 20s. I moved out on my own and started collecting my own furniture, utensils, and hobbies. Not only do I have a passion for cooking, but I also love being outdoors in adventure mode. 

I have dedicated part of my life to finding my favorite knives for different occasions. Have you ever tried to cut through a steak with a blunt knife? Or a rope with a low-quality pocket knife? Once you get a taste of quality, you’ll never go back to what you knew before. 

Knives have the ability to improve areas of your life that you didn’t even know needed improving. You won’t get it until you try it for yourself, and truly understand what I’m talking about. The best way is to learn the truth yourself. 

So, look through my website and find a knife that fits your lifestyle. Believe me, you will not regret swapping your decade-old knife for a pristine new one from my recommendations.